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A universe is available to you.

Reveal your shine with Bloom: Beauty that blooms with every use

Welcome to our haven of beauty, Bloom, located in Boucherville ! Immerse yourself in a unique experience where you can explore our range of first-hand makeup and accessories. Our brand new store invites you to experience our products in person and enjoy bespoke makeup touch-ups.

Opens exclusively theSaturday and Sunday 11am-5pm.

Our shop offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a universe of beauty. Discover our exclusive products such as candles, jewelry and much more, carefully selected to offer you an incomparable experience. Let our experts guide you to find the ideal products that match your needs and style. Whether you're looking for a natural look or a touch of bold brilliance, we're here to accompany you every step of the way Join us at Bloom to enjoy an exceptional shopping experience, where beauty meets uniqueness. See you soon !

Rosie xxxx


Dewy foundationDewy foundation

Dewy foundation

Base hydratante
$30.00 CAD
Be mine compact blushBe mine compact blush

Be mine compact blush

Blush compacte Be mine
$26.00 CAD
Blush compacte DreamlandBlush compacte Dreamland

Blush compacte Dreamland

Blush rose en crème
$26.00 CAD
Powder blushPowder blush

Powder blush

Cotton candy
Oh my fudge
Peaches and cream
Berries s'il vous plaît
$25.99 CAD
Buckle necklaceBuckle necklace

Buckle necklace

Argent S925
$35.99 CAD
Marbled makeup spongeMarbled makeup sponge

Marbled makeup sponge

$14.00 CAD
Clear eyebrow gelClear eyebrow gel

Clear eyebrow gel

Gel sourcils
$24.99 CAD
Bronzer creamBronzer cream

Bronzer cream

Bronzer crème
$26.00 CAD
Brilliant glossBrilliant gloss

Brilliant gloss

Brillants à lèvres
French toast
Strawberry shortcake
$25.00 CAD
Plumping glossesPlumping glosses

Plumping glosses

Gloss pigmentés
Strawberry cream
Chocolate milk
Cocoa butter
$25.00 CAD
Lip oilsLip oils

Lip oils

Cotton Candy
Gummy Baby
Frosted pink au melon d'eau
$23.99 CAD
Lip hybridsLip hybrids

Lip hybrids

Hybride pour les lèvres
$25.00 CAD


$7.99 CAD
Strawberry pouchStrawberry pouch

Strawberry pouch

$20.00 CAD
Trousse à maquillage coquetteTrousse à maquillage coquette

Trousse à maquillage coquette

$22.00 CAD
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