I wonder how we blossom

07.07.2023 ⏤ 05:52 PM

Despite myself, I've built something. I knew it was going to change my life. What I didn't prepare for was changing the life of other women.

As everything shifts and grows, I took the time to reflect on what it was about our mission that made us stand out. What makes Bloom into the haven that it is & what our purpose for the future is going to be.

This is what I came up with.

Beyond selfcare

I must first begin with an acknowledgment. The company we created revolves around cosmetics. Cosmetics, they don't have the best rep. And sometimes, I feel I'm betraying a side of myself when I'm preaching about their impact on social media.

To me, makeup and skincare represent a choice.

They have become to an extent something about myself that I have chosen. A tool I wasn't born with that meant something about me. The way I curate my style is an expression of my mood, my aspirations and above all, the dialogue that goes on within my head.

I know this may sound crazy, but when I read about other women's journeys, it often feels like it's this inner dialogue that's the enemy.

Not the media, not society, not the culture, not peer pressure.

It's the lack of imagination. It's our skin-deep perception of ourselves that hits a nerve so sensitive we end up believing the negative self-talk.

In that way, cosmetics can indeed become a double edged sword. If they can enhance our most beautiful attributes, they can also hide the parts of ourselves we're the most deeply ashamed of.

As the company grows, I feel the responsibility of endorsing a message that goes beyond the simple lexicon of "pretty" and "selfcare".

It's not about that anymore. It's about watering the positive in each and everyone of us. It's about highlighting and glorifying the aspects of ourselves of our choosing.

It's a hijacking of the narrative.

I no longer want to hear that "I'm enough". It should be a given.

I'd like us to want more.

Beyond careless

I wonder how we blossom. I wonder why we sell the same bullshit to every woman only to find ourselves surprised when reality doesn't fit them all.

Like we expect to sow a magnificent garden with only one kind of seed. If we are to bloom, if it is indeed true that we value difference, I want my products to be polyvalent. I want to be impressed by the width to which extent they are being used. I want a brand that preserves its capacity to be amazed.

If you use my products, I want to be able to tell that you chose this look. In spite of all that you are or aren't, you can proudly show yourself as a creation of your own, not a puppet to exterior motives.

Beyond Selfless

In the end, I believe cosmetics have this untold ability to express on the surface what unique & deep feeling it is to be yourself. If I had a goal, it would be to change that trend so that makeup may become a new, wordless way of communication.